Omega Speedmaster Professional Apollo-Soyuz Test Project replica watch especially for its 35th anniversary

it is a tradition for most major brands of replica watch to create unique and meticulously some replica model of special shows to celebrate their birthdays. Baselworld a novel and a new limited edition Omega Speedmaster Professional replica watch right? like clockwork … this year, the model is known as the Omega Speedmaster Professional watch 35th anniversary of Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, and is intended to celebrate 1975 release of the spacecraft Apollo-Soyuz – a historic mission for his collaboration USA and the USSR era. it was also the last mission of space shuttle touting the “Apollo”. is remembered as the first international space flight. in memory of this event, the watch will be limited to just 1975 pieces with a background in particular engraved. the replica watch will also feature a special dial done meteorite – probably the best feature of the watch. Personally, I like watch meteorites, and he always looked damn good on the Speedmaster Professional. You can see that the meteorite was given two colors, a lighter tone for subsidiary dials. otherwise, the replica watch remains roughly the same. The model is designed with the same case of steel replica watch and mechanical chronograph movement manual winding.
with all this focus on the preservation of heritage events Shuttle landing and space, I think the Swatch Group (parent company of Omega) should intervene and try to save NASA, a government short we view that envisages the closure of the very important we treasure. many hearings on behalf of NASA at least help. it would be an interesting event for watching C-SPAN. this new model of replica watch, the very gift the brand offers its 35th anniversary, bears and fully shows respect for the brand to the big day. and the design itself, there are also many interesting features for fans and collectors to admire.

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